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Monday, November 22, 2010

"Heaven's Dunes" At The Cusp of a New Visual Language

“Heaven's Dunes”
17 inches x 21 inches
Oil on Mounted Panel

This is one of a series of paintings that I have been working on, wherein I am developing a new visual language. One that combines en plein air technique, with the use of strong abstract gesture as a deconstructive element; thereby exploring and expanding the best of what I consider two very painterly, and coexistent, aesthetics.

A note on the painting's subject: it is a free-verse meditation on out of body experiences, colliding worlds, and harmonious passages between raw and delicate mark making.


  1. Really great work. Like a layering of realities and planes of existence. Abstract and conventional art merge. Effective transformations.

  2. Thanks a lot, Russ! That's definitely what I'm going for... it's great to hear it confirmed. Stay tuned, hopefully the next few in this series will be just as enticing! Thanks again.