Paintings by Ethan Cranke

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Recent Paintings

Below is a selection of some of my current paintings. Please click on the ones that you like, and feel free to explore each painting more closely. You will be taken to each painting's individual page, where you will find the title, size, medium, and date of completion; as well as be able to zoom in more closely. 


"Sutro Heights, Facing SSW Towards Ocean Beach"

"Curtain Call"


"Still Rising"


"Two Trees Kept Watch While We Were Gone"

"Horizontal Chroma With Breaks In Between"

"Bird Flying High, You Know How I Feel"

"Leaving The Park"

"Bonne Nuit"

"Watching The Tide"

"The Long Way"

"Bristly Brook"

"Gestural Pastoral"

"Dry Creek Bed"

"Back On The Trail"

"I Only Chase Windmills By The Bay"

"Bay Area Pastoral"

"Down By The Old Oak Tree"

"At The Palace Of Fine Arts"

"A San Francisco of The Mind"

"SoCo Morning"

"The Cliffs at Goat Rock"

"A View From Stow Lake"

"View From Alongside Occidental Road"

"Archway At The Di Rosa Preserve"

"Spinning Metal Dragon At The Di Rosa Preserve"

"After Moran"



"Mt. Kakalaka"

"Looking Over The Valley"

"Before The Shore"

"At The Palace"




"Around The Bend"

"Natura Nonpareil"

"Pastoral Littoral"


"At The Botanical Gardens, SF"

"The Break-Up"

"A Pale Hour"


"Let's Go For A Hike"

"By Gully"

"Fall Intuit"


Still Life

"Looking Through A Glass Onion"


"Yellow Onion"

"Alizarin Chamilia"



"Made From Recycled Material"

"Pop Tops"

"Recycled Material 2"