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Monday, November 9, 2009

Something a little different...

"She Yielded With A Quiver That Was Like Death"
19 inches x 22 inches
Oil on Bristol
Prepped w/P.V.A Size and Gesso

In between on-going projects, I decided to "let go" and do some action painting. Here is one of the results...


  1. I love this. Reflections in water during a rainstorm. Beautiful!

  2. Thank you for commenting! My apologies for not being around to reply sooner. I painted a larger version (3feet x 4feet) of this composition on canvas (will post photos, when I get the chance). Your comment has inspired a name change for the larger version. I'm thinking "Stormy Weather." :-)

  3. i like this. great colour combination and flesh tones. if there was a 'like' button i'd click it.