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Friday, April 13, 2012

I've lost my friend.

My friend, Isabella Urbina , with whom I've been secretly planning a duo show with for the past 5 months, was hit by a car and killed, last Thursday. I am heartbroken and completely beside myself. I'm still having difficulty grasping that she won't be reading this and responding. Here is one of the paintings that she'd made for the duo landscape show that we'd been secretly planning. She sent it to me in private, as part of our almost daily correspondence, regarding the show and our life/process/art. Obviously, I wasn't able to get permission, but it deserves to be seen.

"To get through was hopeless."
30" x 20"
Oil on paper.

'"but to get through was hopeless, so she sat down and cried" is from Chapter 2 of Alice and Wonderland. It's printed on the white diamonds in my painting. Prior to this series I did some paintings and drawings based on Alice. I just wanted to make a transition to my landscape series from the previous series. (The quote is personal to me because at time I was living in the TenderLoin and was struggling financially. I met a lot of interesting characters, so I felt like Alice.) "~Isabella Urbina


  1. That's so heavy, Ethan. Sorry for loss, man. I'm sure she'd be happy with your decision to share.

  2. Ethan, I am one of Isabel's sisters, Cathy. I like to thank you for your post. I too think it deserves to be seen. I like to share about Isabel, too: what people remember of her, how she inspired others, her creations, and what happened to her. Thank you, Ethan, for remembering Isabel.

    I was blessed to be with Isabel surrounded by family in prayer on her last days.

    1. Wow. Hello Cathy! I am overwhelmed when I look at that photo. Such a beautiful and talented woman, full of life and kindness. Thank you for giving me the chance to see it. I will never forget her, and will always feel the presence of her spirit, when I am painting.